Health Update

We are so grateful for all of the love, support, and prayers we've received from all of you!  The words of encouragement and monetary support for Nolan's health needs has been truly amazing- thank you! The past two months has been quite the journey, but I believe we are getting close to transplant!  I thought I would highlight our journey over the past couple of months to let you know where we are in the process​s:  

  • August 30:  Three day extensive transplant evaluation at Children's Hospital
  • Sept. 1:  Surgical procedure to insert a peritoneal dialysis catheter in his abdomen
  • Sept. 19:  Nolan and I went through a two week dialysis training to start peritoneal dialysis at home
  • Sept. 21: Appointment with Paleontology to test that his lungs are clear and take off of the steroids
  • Sept. 29:  Started peritoneal dialysis at home (every night for eight hours while he sleeps)
  • Oct. 12:  Began series of immunization vaccines.  Transplant patients can never have a live vaccine after transplant
  • Oct. 27:  Appointment with Rheumatology- ran series of blood tests to test for other autoimmune diseases.  Results came back with no sign of other autoimmune diseases!
  • Oct. 30:  Large stretch marks have appeared on his back due to steroids and dialysis- treating nightly with cream.
  • Nov. 2: Had MMR and varicella live vaccines
  • Nov. 30:  Still working on getting rid of previous planters warts on right foot.  He has had 5 liquid nitrogen treatments so far- they're getting close to being gone.  They need to be completely gone before transplant since they are a virus, and the immunosuppresant meds. he will be on will make his immune system weak for a period of time.  
  • Dec. 2:  Should be clear for transplant soon!  Family members are still going through donor compatability testing.  We are praying for a match!
  • Feb. 5:  Super Bowl Sunday was a game changer! A call from the hospital during the third quarter changed our world- they had a kidney match for Nolan. We felt like new parents heading to the hospital to receive this gift of life
  • Feb. 6:  8:30 am Nolan went in for kidney transplant surgery.  The two hour surgery went smoothly and the new kidnely was functioning immediately.  A week of recovery in the hospital was filled with visits from friends and Evan got to come home from New York to spend time with Nolan.
  • March 6:  After a month of recovery at home and surgery to remove his peritoneal dialysis catheter, he was ready to return to school.  He experienced a few bouts of infection and illness due to the high dose of autoimmune suppressant drugs he was on.  
  • May 6:  Nolan is three months post-transplant surgery.  He continues to deal with nausea and side effects of all of the anti-rejection and anti-infections medications.  His weekly doctor appointments at Children's have decreased now to bimonthly with lab work at a local hospital every other week.  Absences at school have been a challenge to keep up with course work.
  • Aug. 10:  We are celebrating the 6 month mark!  He is now down from 14 daily medications to only 3:  2 anti-rejection meds and 1 blood pressure medication.  No more steroids!  This summer has been a time for us all to heal and reset. Nolan returned to the lacrosse field this summer, and even got back on his dirtbike, along with fishing and hanging out with friends.  We even did some college visits over the summer as he is now ready to think about his future. He is getting ready to begin his senior year of high school next week. Thank you all for your continued support- it has made this journey less difficult knowing that we are surrounded by love and encouragement!

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